Lowa Zephyr Vs Salomon Quest

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Whether you use them for work or hiking, the boots you choose will make a huge difference. The wrong boot is not going to give you the support, reliability and durability that you need.

That means that you may have to cut your adventure short or suffer through a painful work day.

Since neither of these options is desirable, I’ve come up with two boots Lowa Zephyr and Salomon Quest that are made with quality components.

Each one is manufactured by a company that is famous in the field of hiking boots. This means that you can trust them to be comfortable and durable.

However, these boots are by no means identical. I think that one is better suited to hiking while the other might be ideal for work. After reading this comparison, you may want to try on both to decide which one is perfect for you.

Comparing the Lowa Zephyr and the Salomon Quest

To make the comparison a little easier, I’ve created a handy table.

Lowa Zephyr
Our Best Pick for Hiking
Salomon Quest
Upper MaterialsSplit leather/CorduraNubuck/Cordura
Weight42 pounds26 pounds
Sole TractionExcellentExtra sticky for any terrain
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Lowa Zephyr Video Review

Salomon Quest Video Review

As you can see, both boots are waterproof and have uppers made from incredibly durable materials. The Zephyr triumphs in the breathability category, but is a heavier pair of boots.

Also, the Salomon Quest takes the victory when it comes to traction, though the Zephyr is no slouch.

The Lowa Zephyr and the Salomon Quest

Both Lowa and Salomon have been in the business of making hiking boots for decades. No company stays in business that long while offering inferior products.

Accordingly, you can trust that Lowa’s Zephyr and Salomon’s Quest are quality boots that are worth the price.

Both of these products are similar as far as their attractiveness, durability and functionality. By taking a closer look at each style, you’ll be nearer to deciding which one is right for you.

The Lowa Zephyr

The Zephyr is used almost exclusively as a hiking boot, though I have heard that some people wear them as a work boot. This makes sense to me, as the Zephyr is remarkably comfortable and easy to break in.

With a rubber sole, this boot offers excellent traction even on wet or slippery surfaces. The upper is a combination of split leather and Cordura.

In case you aren’t familiar with Cordura, it is a brand name for a range of fabrics that are famous for their durability and resistance to tears and wear issues of all kinds.

The GORE-TEX lining makes this boot waterproof, an extremely helpful feature if you’ll be wading through creeks or trekking in wet, muddy territory.

Even though it is waterproof, this boot is wonderfully breathable. I find it comfortable on even the hottest days.

The padded tongue and ankle make the Zephyr easy to wear on long hikes. Another key benefit of this boot is the amazingly supportive midsole.

You won’t twist an ankle while wearing these boots. Plus, you’ll enjoy unmatched stability on uneven terrain

The Lowa Zephyr is an excellent choice for the weekend hiker or for the person who is looking for a comfortable and supportive work boot.

The Salomon Quest

This sturdy boot is often seen on worksites. This is partly due to its incredibly sticky sole. You won’t have any trouble scampering across roofs or traversing scaffolding when you’re wearing the Quest. Naturally, this will serve you well in any wilderness terrain too.

The Quest is made from similar materials, like GORE-TEX, which makes it waterproof. Cordura and nubuck are used on the upper.

If you are unfamiliar with nubuck, it is a leather made from cattle hides. It is durable, but it may scratch more easily than other leathers.

Many users have discovered that the Quest is a stiffer boot than the Zephyr. This isn’t necessarily a drawback, but it may take longer to break in than the Zephyr.

You may want to wear the Quest for shorter time periods over the course of a few weeks before attempting any long distances.

The Salomon Quest does not have the best breathability. This may mean that it is more appropriate for winter wear than summer wear. When temperatures rise, this becomes one hot pair of boots. I can’t recommend them for desert treks.

Nonetheless, the Quest excels as a work boot or an all-terrain boot because of its sturdy rubber toe cap. It may not be quite as protective as a steel toe, but it certainly is more comfortable. The boot also features a heel cap so that your feet are protected from all sides.

Make no mistake, the Quest is a high-quality boot. It’s loaded with many of Salomon’s exclusive features, like the Sensifit system, which runs from the midsole to the lacing system, to give the boot unmatched security and a near-custom fit. You’ll also be drawn to the Contragrip outsole and the Advanced Chassis.

Which One Is Best?

For my money, the Lowa Zephyr is the top choice for hiking. I love the breathability and excellent foot support. The Zephyr also isn’t as stiff and difficult to break in as the Quest, which is a big plus for me.

However, if you’re looking for a work boot, then you probably can’t go wrong with the Quest. It will definitely protect your feet on the job site.