Osprey Variant 37 Vs Mutant 38

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Before heading to your next hiking or mountaineering trip, optimize the experience by choosing a backpack designed for the climb.

Two options standout in the market, the Osprey Variant 37 and Mutant 38, which has features suited for year-round climbing activities.

While these backpack options have similar features, an overview of their specifications, as well as product strengths, can help you decide which backpack suits you best.

Quick Comparison: Osprey Variant 37 Vs Osprey Mutant 38

BrandOsprey Variant 37
Our Best Pick
Mutant 38
Specifications28h x 12w x 10d25h x 11w x 10d
Weight1.46 to 1.60 kg1.11 to 1.19 kg
Materialnylon dobbynylon shadow box
Capacity20 to 40 lbs30 to 50 lbs
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price



First, let’s start with their shared product features. The Osprey Variant 37 and the Mutant 38 both have a traditional top load design.

Both backpacks also have flexible details, lots of storage compartments, and a flexible top that can be expanded to accommodate more items for the trip.

Both have a built-in flap enclosure that can be securely placed to protect pack contents.

With the Osprey Variant 37 and the Mutant 38, customization is also possible. When you need to decompress and maintain a minimal weight load for the climb, you can remove several components from these two models and still retain the essential functionalities required for the product.

Similar Product Features

These spacious packs also have flexible hip belts which are integrated with gear loops for optimum functionality. You can use these loops to attach additional sports or climbing gear and equipment.

Another basic but highly efficient feature is their custom drawcords which have been redesigned to easily close and open pack compartments.

Both backpacks also come with a durable support frame and a breathable contoured panel. The Mutant 38 backpack comes with a well-ventilated mesh back panel.

It also comes with compression straps on each side of the pack, which can also be removed and reattached as needed.

The Variant 37 back panels have features that prevent the buildup of ice when conquering high summit altitudes.

The two backpack designs also come with reinforced A-frame ski carry loops, which are located on both sides of the pack.

This feature is easy to use. After placing the skis in the loop, you can secure each side by using the pack’s retention or compression straps to keep the gear locked in place.

Removable Parts

The Variant 37 and Mutant 38 backpack models can be stripped to its minimum features when required for a particularly challenging hike.

When some components are removed, the backpack can accommodate more essential items.

Both the Variant and Mutant backpacks have a removable top lid. To keep pack contents safe and secured, the top lid can be replaced with a trademark flap jacket which has been incorporated into the design.

You can also take out the durable frame sheet and aluminum stay of both the Variant and Mutant backpack models.

This suspension system provides a support frame for the pack. However, it can be removed to lessen load weight for those who want a simpler, less bulky pack.

In place of the frame, an internal or external compression strap provides stability to the pack.

Unique Features

The Variant and Mutant packs are equipped with a hydration system so you can easily ease your thirst during a hike. This internal reservoir has a 3-liter maximum capacity.

Hands-free drinking is possible with a flexible hose that can be routed to either the left or right shoulder straps.

The Mutant 38 backpack also has a stretch mesh and rope strap designed for carrying a cycle helmet. The mesh can be removed or secured in a zipped pocket at the top of the pack.

An internal key clip within the pack also keeps items organized and accessible.

Meanwhile, the Variant 37 backpack has several custom features, including a holster for ice tools which are secured by bungee tie offs.

It also comes with a protective sleeve to secure the tools while not in use. You can also use the Variant’s extra side pockets as additional storage for tools.

The Variant backpack also comes with a front panel pocket which provides additional storage options. You can also use this compartment to stow essential items so they can be easily accessed during a hike.


When comparing both packs based on streamlined and minimalist features, Mutant 38 is ahead of the game. As a lightweight choice, it can be stripped to its bare minimum for a more optimal performance during a hike or climb.

However, if you are the type of climber who likes a travel-ready pack with more bells and whistles, then the Osprey Variant 37 is the best option for you