Salomon Quest Origins Vs Quest 4d Hiking Boot Review

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Though incredibly rewarding, hiking is an athletic activity that is particularly hard on your feet. For that reason, having a good pair of hiking boots is key.

Hikers all over the world recognize Salomon as one of the top brands of hiking boots. The present review will compare two of its most prominent hiking boots: The Salomon Quest Origins and the Quest 4D.

Quick Comparison: Salomon Quest Origins vs Quest 4d

Salomon Quest 4D
Our Best Pick
Salomon Quest Origins
10 x 9 x 10 inches
11 x 9 x 10 inches
Lining / Membrane
GORE-TEX waterproof protection
Gore-Tex Performance Comfort Footwear
External Materials
Full grain leather, textile
Sole Materials
 Molded EVA
 Molded EVA
Sole Type
Salomon Contagrip Outsole
Lug Sole
Sensifit System
Sensifit System
Salomon 4D Chassis
Salomon 4D Chassis
PriceCheck Price.Check Price

Salomon Quest Origins Video Review

Salomon Quest 4d Video Review


When comparing the Salomon Quest Origins and the Quest 4D, the first thing that stands out is their difference in design.

Being the newest model of Salomon hiking boots, the Quest 4D has a modern, dynamic design. Without completely abandoning the traditional form of Salomon hiking boots, this model incorporates various clever details that give it a bold look.

On the other hand, the Salomon Quest Origins is a hiking boot model that fully embraces its retro essence. With a design that seems pulled out of the 80s, the product looks unapologetically old-school. As retro as it is, however, its design is very youthful.


One of the most obvious differences between these two models is in their weight.

Made of tough and resistant materials, the Salomon Quest Origins is somewhat heavy. At 1.480 grams of weight, the model is definitely on the heavier side. However, it’s not heavy enough to represent a problem for most hikers.

Without a doubt, one of the most advantageous features of the Quest 4D model is its lightweight. Weighing only 640 grams, it is one of the lightest high-quality hiking boots that are available on the market. This represents an important advantage over the Salomon Quest Origins.

External Materials

A great deal can be said about the materials that comprise the external structure of these products. Both hiking boots are made with a combination of leather and high-quality textiles such as Gore-Tex.

Even though both the Salomon Quest Origins and the Salomon Quest 4D are made exclusively with high-quality materials, they are not exactly the same.

While the Quest 4D is made with regular leather, its counterpart is mostly made with full-grain leather. Despite being heavier, full-grain leather is a better material due to being much more durable and resistant to breakage and deformation.


Functioning as a means of protection and isolation from external elements, a hiking boot’s lining is hugely important. Both models that are featured in this review have a high-quality lining that provides comfort and security.

Made entirely with high-quality Gore-Tex, the lining of both hiking boot models is amazingly resistant. This material is perfectly waterproof, enabling users to walk in the rain or through water bodies without getting their feet wet in the slightest.

Grip and Traction

Hikers know that grip and traction are incredibly important, particularly when walking through difficult, unstable terrains. For that reason, it’s important to have a pair of hiking boots that feature outsoles that are effective at preventing slippage.

Featuring Salomon’s proprietary Contra Grip outsole, both models provide an outstanding level of grip and traction. However, it must be said that the Salomon Quest 4D has more grooves than the Salomon Quest Origins, resulting in a tighter, more powerful grip.

Comfort and Ergonomy

Both the Salomon Quest Origins and the Salomon Quest 4D are incredibly ergonomic, easily and quickly adapting themselves to the shape of your foot. The main difference between them comes in the way of midsole cushioning.

While both models offer great cushioning, the Quest 4D has extra midsole cushioning, giving it the advantage when it comes to shock-absorbing. At the same time, its extra midsole cushioning results in a more efficient resting point.

Ankle Support

As any hiker with experience knows very well, it is very important to have a proper ankle support, particularly during long and difficult hikes. In that department, the Salomon Quest 4D has the upper hand because it features a protective stiff ankle support.

Final Verdict

Even though both Salomon hiking boot models are great, there is one clear winner.

While the Salomon Quest Origins is amazing in its own retro way, it lacks some of the innovative features that make the Salomon Quest 4D such a ground-breaking model.