Tinga Tinga Tales Games Review

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The company who created these Tinga Tinga puzzles and games realize how important it is for children to learn in a creative and fun way.

All of the puzzles and games feature characters from the television show called Tinga Tinga Tales.

The goal of the show is to introduce children to the animals, colors and sounds of Africa.  Each of the Tinga Tinga puzzles and games are filled with bright and vibrant colors as well as animals galore.

The size of the pieces for the puzzles and game are the perfect size for little hands.

  • The Tinga Tinga Tales Jungle Gathering Puzzle in a Tin

The Tinga Tinga Tales Jungle Gathering Puzzle in a Tin is a 35-piece puzzle that is perfect for children ages 4-6.  Any child that does this puzzle will learn how to piece different shapes of puzzle pieces together before finding an amazing picture at the end.

The puzzle can help children as they are learning how to concentrate on tasks while being creative at the same time.  One of the best things about this puzzle is that it comes in a nice carrying case with a handle, so the pieces will not get lost.

The puzzle is very colorful and the size of the puzzle once completed is 115” by 825”.

  • Tell Me A Story Memory Game

The Tell Me A Story Memory Game is a wonderful choice for children that are 8 years old or older.  The memory game is for between two and four players and each player will need to place a picture disk on the board before saying a simple sentence about what they are doing.

Every player will then need to remember what every other player said, so that they can collect tokens.  Whoever has the most tokens at the end of the game will win.

The goal of this game is to improve children’s’ memory skills while having fun.  While it states for ages 8 and up, it can be modified for use with children as young as 4.  Each game takes approximately 15 minutes, so it is the perfect choice when the kids want to play a game, but time is limited.

  • Go Lion Go 60 Pieces Puzzle

Go Lion Go is another Tinga Tinga Tales puzzle and this one has sixty pieces.  This puzzle is a good one for children from ages 4-6 years old.  Children place the puzzle pieces together to figure out what the larger picture is.  A child will learn how to concentrate as they are trying to fit the different shapes of the puzzle pieces together.

This puzzle helps a child as they are developing and it is just challenging enough for them.  The puzzle is 14.25” by 10.25” in size which is perfect for little hands.

  • Funny Monkey 35 Pieces Puzzle

Tinga Tinga Tales has a 35 piece funny monkey puzzle available as well.  A child is learning how to sit and concentrate as they are putting the pieces of this puzzle together.  The puzzle is good for children between 4 and 6 years old and the bright colors captures children’s attention wonderfully.

This puzzle is filled with lots of animals, which is great for children who love animals.  The size of the puzzle is 11.5” by 8.25” when it is finished.

  • Heye Giraffes 1,000 piece Tinga Tinga Jigsaw Puzzle

Older children who are 14 years old or older will absolutely love the Heye Giraffes 1,000 piece Tinga Tinga Jigsaw Puzzle.  This is a giraffe theme puzzle that has 1,000 interlocking pieces and is part of the Africa series available from Tinga Tinga.

Children will learn how to distinguish different pieces of the puzzle as they are trying to place the pieces together correctly.

The puzzle is very colorful and is just challenging enough to keep a child busy.  Children will learn how to keep their concentration as they are working on this puzzle.  The finished puzzle measures 50 by 70 cm.

A wonderful option for everyone once they have finished the puzzle is to frame it and use it as well art.


All of the games and puzzles that are available in the Tinga Tinga series are absolutely amazing.  The colors and animals grab a child’s attention quickly.

Children will want to use these puzzles and games time and time again, because they are so much fun.  They are the perfect thing to purchase for any child, whether it is a regular day or a holiday.